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A Guide to Starting a Milk Tea Business

In a tea bubble shop, the challenge is to serve a really cool drink to your customers. Teas are incredibly popular in Asia. In America, it is in its opening stages. But with the trend-seeking younger generations, especially university students, the acceptance of drinking tea instead of coffee is growing fast. Milk tea is oftentimes referred to as boba tea, boba juice, bobi, or pearl milk.  

You know that you have found the ideal business idea if you enter a tea shop and people are clamoring for a cup inside one. Once you have fully decided that you’re ready for the next steps, then you should go for it. Start a mil tea franchise is more than just seeking government registration. Here is an easy-to-follow plan to help you start a milk tea franchise.   

Starting a Milk Tea Franchise   

The success of entrepreneurs starts with a feasible plan. It would help diagram your company’s information and prevent future problems. But how much does a milk tea business cost? Depending on the location and product mix, you will spend a minimum of $15,000 to start up the business.   

You have to invest in low-cost equipment to make the amount lower. To make your shop more profitable, you can sell pastries, smoothies, cookies, and coffee. You may even throw in some toys, books, and souvenirs.  

Milk Tea Franchise Start-Up Costs   

The start-up costs of a milk tea franchise start with the production of your business logo, marketing, and advertising materials. For all of these, you might have to spend $5,000 or even more. You’ll have to design the logo, purchase store signs, make business cards, print some fliers, and do a lot of other things under the marketing and sales campaigns of your new business.  

You also have to think about insurance, licensing, training, and accounting. For all of these, you may spend $750 or even more. Depending on the location and the products sold, you may need a health and business permit as well.   

Staffing is also a concern, and that may cost you some $2,000, depending on the size of your milk tea shop. If you’re just starting out, you may simply man the business yourself. That way, you don’t have to think about your employee’s one month’s worth of salary for now.   

What are Milk Tea Shop’s Ongoing Costs?  

Once you’ve developed your business, your overhead costs, storage, and operating expenses, including your supplies will have to be accounted for. These are variable costs that will accompany and represent your store’s finances.  

 To make sure that you’re going to get a good ROI for your business, determine your target market early on. Who will be the regular customers of your business? Consider your location and experiment. is Feedback and reviews prove to be very valuable. If you set up your milk tea franchise in a place where most people know about bubble tea, then your customers may be people who desire to try your milk tea and compare it with your competitors. But no matter how things are, the main goal is to have your clients expect a pleasant and relatively nice day in your milk tea shop.