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Cleaning Dirty Parts in Your House that You’re Unaware Of


Clean Your Dishwasher Regularly

In order to clean your dishwasher’s edges, use a wet sponge and baking soda. Aside from that, you can run your dishwasher empty with a disinfectant that’s approved by EPA at least once a week. This process will sanitize your dishwasher and it will also help you get rid of harmful bacteria like E. Coli.  

Clean Your Oven Regularly  

Cleaning your oven is actually one of the least desirable house chores to accomplish. Fortunately, you can be able to make this much easier through the use of an oven liner. Just remove the non-stick oven liner and put it in the dishwasher to wash.  

Don’t Use Paper Towels  

Aside from the fact that paper towels fill up your garbage easily and they are costly, paper towels aren’t reusable too. It’s best that you use microfiber cloth pieces as an alternative. What’s good about microfiber cloths is that they can sanitize and clean anything and they are washable, not to mention they are very affordable.  

Keep Your Refrigerator Fresh Using Coffee Grounds  

You can actually keep your fridge fresh by keeping coffee grounds in a small container and placing it inside your fridge in order to get rid of ugly odors. The coffee grounds can actually last for two months so this is a very affordable yet great way to keep your refrigerator fresh.  

Make Sure to Clean Hard to Reach Areas in Your Home  

It seems like a constant battle every time you try to clean the hard to reach areas in your house. Fortunately, there are great hacks on how to get these areas reached effectively. Below, you will be able to learn some tips that you might want to try out. On the other hand, if it’s outside your house, like walls and roof, then it’s best that you ask help from a pressure cleaning Central Coast service provider. 

Tongs and Blinds  

One great idea is to use a pair of tongs you use for cooking and then use some elastics in order to affix lint-free, damp cloths around them. It is certainly a really inventive way to effectively clean the blinds’ slats.  

Window Frames  

Window frames are really touch to thoroughly clean. However, if you use an empty tube of toilet paper on the end of the suction tube of your vacuum, getting all the dirt out is definitely just a piece of cake. And, since the tube is just made of cardboard, then it can fit into any space.  

Keyboard of Your Computer  

To clean your computer keyboard easily, simply fold one adhesive paper note in half and have its sticky side face outwards and then run it between your keyboard’s keys in order to collect dust and crumb.   

A Fresh Mattress  

We can surely agree to the fact that mattresses can be really challenging to clean and keep fresh. However, they need not be. Simply sprinkle some amount of baking soda on the mattress’s surface and then wait about fifteen minutes or so and then vacuum it all up using the crevice tool of your vacuum.  

Faucet Goop  

 Hard water can surely build up around the faucets in your home, which gives them a dirty and unsightly appearance. To clean this, simply use an old toothbrush and apply a cleaning paste made out of baking soda and water. Lastly, scrub your faucets to achieve a sparkling shine.